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Animal Reiki

I am particularly excited about being able to help animals through Reiki.

I am happy to visit  your home to provide Reiki to your animal companions.

I must stress however, that it is a legal requirement in the UK, to involve your Vet.  A Reiki Practitioner will make no medical diagnosis.


I will seek your written confirmation that you have discussed fully with your Vet and made me aware of all existing medical conditions.

A Reiki session with an animal will vary in length, most often with the animal themselves deciding when it should finish !  

Please contact me if you would like to discuss further.  

Brightwater Reiki - Animal Reiki
Brightwater Reiki - Animal Reiki

Sam is wonderful and gifted. She helped my cat Topaz who I suspected was grieving. Sam communicated very well with him and also sent Reiki healing to him. He told her it would take time and indeed it did about a year but three weeks ago he turned a corner and now he is back to his old self. He has found his voice and he is different. He always used to be rather shy but now he is very chatty and I understand his full repertoire of different sounds. We have quite a conversation. I also attended Sam’s course. It is a real eye opener and I would highly recommend


Sam came to our house to give our very poorly cat some Reiki treatment. From the word go we could tell Pebbles was completely relaxed and savouring every minute of the treatment. The contented expression on her face said it all and she just lay on the floor with Sam, eyes closed and as if she was smiling! She was so relaxed afterwards and slept for the rest of the afternoon. I would recommend this lovely caring lady who has such love for animals.


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