About Me

My name is Samantha Munro and I am based in beautiful Haslemere in Surrey in the UK. 

As a Reiki Practitioner, treating people and animals, I understand that we are all energetic beings and that sometimes our energies maybe out of balance. Reiki is simply about bringing these energies back into balance on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and perhaps even spiritually.  In the West, it is practiced very much as a complementary therapy. 

It, is not a religious practice. “Reiki” is “neutral” in this respect. Though some people on receiving Reiki may talk of an experience of becoming aware of a “divine love or divine light”, however one  may wish to interpret that.   It is a very loving experience, is the best way to describe it.

The energy that Reiki Practitioners work with can be considered Chi, Prana, or,in the Western translation of Reiki, as “Universal Life Energy. It is within us and equally, all around us.  This energy, as many will know, is the basis for yoga practices, acupuncture, Shiatsu, Tai Chi and so on and considers the main energy centres within a being, The Chakras.
The intention is that by harmonising your energy system , you are putting a body into in the best possible position to heal itself, on all levels.

In my experience, animals are particularly receptive to Reiki and combining this with Animal Communication is often extremely effective. 

Brightwater Reiki - Willow

"... Sam has a naturally calming effect on people...", LU