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About Me

As a Reiki Practitioner, treating people and animals, and as an Animal Communicator, I believe that all of our interactions on an energetic level, make a difference. Be that through the beautiful work that is Reiki, or through connecting to our companion animals/ or others, at an energetic level, in communication.

As a complementary therapy, Reiki is a simple and gentle form of hands-on or hands-off energy balancing.  The resultant relaxation can enable the body and mind to work towards healing.

From an Animal Communication perspective, we are seeking to create an environment of trust in order to receive information, feelings (both emotional and physical), images and so on in order to create a "dialogue" with another energy - after all, in my opinion, animals are clearly another energetic being, with a soul essence, the same as us, simply in a different, physical envelope.

Energy work, in all of its forms, is the key. Everything is vibration and frequency and it is this, that we are connecting with, when we offer healing or when we are connecting, in communication, with other species.

For me, the difference that can be made through Reiki or Animal Communication, and the wonderful people and animals I meet through this, is what makes my Soul sing.  

Brightwater Reiki - Willow

"... Sam has a naturally calming effect on people...", LU

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