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  • Samantha Munro - Brighttwater Reiki

Darcy at ABC Animal Sanctuary

I spent the afternoon at the beautiful ABC Animal Sanctuary in West Chilltington last week, having offered my animal Reiki services.

The sanctuary is home to a large number of different animals - horses, goats, pigs, chickens and cats and is run by volunteers and through donations. They offer a re-homing service for their residents but many have spent quite a while there. It would be lovely if anyone seeking animal companions could take a look and offer a forever home.

The purpose of my visit was to offer help to a couple of cat residents. A particularly special cat, Darcy, was too frightened to be moved from her existing enclosure to go to the Orchard enclosure for the summer, along with her mother and sister. The lady caring for the cat area understandably did not wish to move her by force. She is an extremely nervous cat and it had taken along time to develop trust between the two of them.

I sat with Darcy, for some time, some distance away and she did eventually fall asleep. I will continue to work with her distantly via her photograph, until my next visit, when I hope to find that she has been successfully re-united with her family. She did indicate to me that she was particularly scared of the pigs nearby (so the sooner she moves, the better!) and that also her tail had been trapped in a basket prior to coming to the sanctuary. I have spoken to the lovely Maggie, her carer, to make her aware of this and hopefully between us, we will be able to help Darcy manage these fears.

I plan to also ask the group that I met at the Animal Communication Workshop at Cowdray Hall to help.

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