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  • Samantha Munro - Brightwater Reiki

Your Authentic Self

Samantha Munro - Brightwater Reiki

It occurred to me having met with some long ago friends, that we often lose sight of who we really are (if ever we had sight of it!), what we truly believe and what we consider our life's purpose or path. I suppose we often take a lifetime to discover these things and by then it's pretty late to do much with it ! At least in this lifetime !

We develop a set of constructs or beliefs that shape our view of ourselves and how we behave and portray ourselves to the world. We bend and change with the experiences with have, the people we meet and what we learn makes us "successful". How do we define what is successful?

If I were to be critical of how someone else appears to be or how they behave, is that not more about me and the experiences I have had ? rather than their apparent change. We always like to think we know and understand those close to us, but of course it is only the person themselves that do or can attempt to.

What does your authentic self look like ? What do they truly believe? Is it consistent ? Does it behave in line with it's beliefs? Why do we hide it sometimes?

It is there inside us, like the littlest Russian Doll, but it is there. We should all spend more time talking with it and understanding and helping to free our authenticity.

It is a pretty vulnerable part of us with it's shadows as well as it's brightness but keeping it boxed up and hidden from the world, it seems to me, serves no purpose for us or those trying to understand and love us.

One of the many things a Reiki session in a safe and supportive environment can do is to help free the blockages to allow our true self to emerge. It may take several sessions and some focus between sessions but ultimately can be extremely helpful. Please contact me to discuss further if you wish.

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