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Animal Communication Workshop Review - July 2019

I always get very excited at the prospect of running these workshops. This one was no exception.

A super group of people, from very different backgrounds, and with different experience, but with certainly one thing in common; wanting to make a difference to the animals that they have contact with and care for.

I am always delighted at the change in participants over the course of the weekend. The increase in confidence, the recognition of the self-sabotage that goes on, the developing trust in what they receive in communication and the honesty and openness with which they share their experiences. It is so lovely to watch and support as this all comes together and they begin to develop their individual approaches, recognising that each have different strengths. One participant shared that she so enjoyed watching others have “aha moments”. I love that and feel very privileged to be part of that too.

Brightwater Reiki Animal Communication Workshop

I find that a very close bond develops between the participants very quickly and the learning is so much better for that; sharing laughter and the occasional tears. Folks that come along are just so caring toward each other, as well as to the animal guest teachers and their guardians.

Some previous participants have gone on to form friendships with animal guardians that visited, as a result of very powerful, emotional communications with that visiting animal teacher.

Brightwater Reiki Animal Communication Workshop

It is a joy to welcome animal guardians to the workshop, as they too are always so supportive and open to the experience. It is just lovely to have them listen attentively to feedback on the questions they have developed, accepting information but also questioning and clarifying.

A comment from one of the guardian’s made me smile “Hi Sam, we enjoyed coming yesterday. Wiggy went upstairs to tell his brother about it and then went outside!” I love this !

Every single participant was able to share some verifiable and in many cases extremely accurate information from an animal to their guardian. This all comes from practice and whilst Day 1 of the workshop focuses on ethics, self -belief, trust, suggested approach and theory, along with some fun stuff on intuition, Day 2 is all about practice with visiting animal teachers.

Brightwater Reiki Animal Communication Workshop

On this workshop I was lucky enough to have so many offers of visiting animal teachers that I was able to structure day 2 in a slightly different way, running parallel practice sessions in much smaller groups. It worked fantastically, with the animal teachers working with a fewer number of people at a time. I think this is quite important.

With such a range of different animals visiting, participants started the process of understanding that the communication is very much about connection with the essence of another, irrespective of the species/type of animal. That said however, we had some amazingly knowledgeable guardians able to share their expertise on their very unusual animal teachers they had brought along. I really learned a great deal!

Brightwater Reiki Animal Communication Workshop

Whilst I never share the information that was communicated from our animal teachers I am confident in sharing that I have no doubt this was of value to their guardians. Even in the case of rescued animals there is always lots of verifiable information that comes forward and an insight into their past can often shed light on their behaviour and foibles in the present, when they share this. Very powerful indeed.

It is always difficult at the end of the two days when the workshop draws to a close, as people have shared some quite profound experiences. I intend to have a “Communicators Community Gather” in the near future to continue to build these relationships and of course, all who attend my workshops are able to join the practice group that is established.

As with all journeys, they begin with one step and I always see these workshops as just tha

Brightwater Reiki Animal Communication Workshop

Participants comments :

  • “The weekend absolutely met my expectations, loved the variety of animals and the opportunity to connect with even the more unusual!”

  • “ how blessed the animals are that you thought to run this course so we could be shown how to listen to what they say”

  • “ I am now motivated to do more work with animals”

  • “ I had the best couple of days”

  • “ I am very happy to have had such a positive , wonderful experience”

  • “ Such a lovely group of people”

  • “ Sam , thank you for sharing your knowledge and believing in all of us”

  • “I enjoyed everything about it, Sam's beautiful garden, the wonderful compassion , enthusiasm and openness that everyone shared , hearing the loving snippets of personality from the animal guardians. I felt deeply humbled by the animal who shared some of their thoughts and bravery in another's presence.”

  • “The workshop exceeded my expectations”

  • “ Wonderment at the whole experience” “ Excitement at continuing learning and beginning a new journey”

  • “ Thank you so much for an amazing couple of days. I have learnt so much and have felt loved and supported”

  • “Now looking forward to practising and growing”

  • “The venue is especially amazing ! “

  • “ I met an Armadillo!”

  • “Feel so privileged. The weekend ,so relaxing and something totally different to anything I have experienced. Thank you”

  • “You are lovely, a clear and fun workshop”

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