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Animal Communication Review - September 2022

“Love was in the Air!”

A small, but perfectly formed group of participants arrived, some with more experience than others, but all with an open heart to experience the benefits of Animal Communication.

As I so often say, the workshop teaches a great deal about ourselves in the process. I include myself, within that. I learn a great deal, personally, from the approaches, experience and questions shared by my participants and I hope they always know how grateful, I am, for that opportunity.

There is always a little sense of trepidation at the start of the first morning, but at each workshop, I find that folk settle very quickly when realising it is only ever a supportive and nurturing environment.

“I was nervous that I would not fit in with the other people, but it was non-judgemental environment and Sam worked really hard to make me feel at ease on day 1”

“always a pleasure to be around like minded people”

As always, we begin day one considering ethics and our own barriers in the process of beginning this work – how to trust oneself, over-coming our fears, working on our self-belief, really beginning to remember and develop our natural intuitive skills.

“I really enjoyed this workshop and I will take from it the need to trust my gut instinct, to practice and to find my own way”

“I really enjoyed it, it boosted my confidence to continue with animal communication “

I have to admit, I was rather surprised as the day developed, how the time was running away from us. It went by so quickly and upon reflection, I have realised that a smaller group seems to generate more questions! Perhaps, because a more intimate environment, where some folk feel more confident to share their questions, experience and often, emotions, about the learning. It is one of my reasons, for always limiting the number of participants that I teach.

We actually finished our day, with our photographic practice, an hour later than planned, with folk, tired, but happy to work on.

“ I liked the pace and time allowed, rather than being shoe-horned into a time frame”

Day two is always exciting, as we ready ourselves to put into practice learning from day 1 and, to meet our visiting animal teachers and their guardians.

I am always delighted with the enthusiasm of our visitors (guardians and animals) and their keenness both to share, and, receive information.

I do note however, that perhaps I need to reduce the number of visitors, that we have.

“tiring, having 5 practice animals, but valuable”

We began the morning with a visit from dear Rainbow, a truly beautiful soul, with a deep and loving connection to his person. It was emotional and profoundly touching to hear his view about this relationship, that he felt to express through participants, to the guardians.

I will always be your Pony and you will always, be my person. Ahead of the workshop, I always ask animal guardians to prepare questions, that would like participants to seek information about.

For Rainbow, the question asked about any concerns, elicited very rich, loving and helpful information for the guardians, enabling them to allay any worries, about the future.

It was very special indeed. Additionally, it was delightful to experience his young guardian engaging with the detailed information that Rainbow shared, clarifying and offering her own perspectives, during the feedback session. Truly wonderful. As an aside, it would seem that Rainbow (perhaps the name has a bearing!) offered a very specific and accurate weather prediction, just as a helpful piece of information for us all!

We were then joined, by Martha and Wendy, with lovely, well thought through questions, seeking to understand a little more information about Martha’s life, prior to coming to her current family and what brings her joy, in her new environment.

Fabulous accuracy from participants and always lovely to hear guardians offering validation for what was received.

These validations are so important for participants, in developing their confidence in their abilities.

“It gave me the confidence and tools to engage with my own and other animals on a deeper level, to understand their feelings and behaviour, and how best I can support them”

Post, a well needed lunch break, and a little dance around the teaching room with some musical instruments to a CD song of “Love is in the Air” to raise our energy (we do laugh at my workshops too, we are not serious all of the time!) my dear Tortoise graced the group, with his presence!

Aside, from some practical points I was keen to clarify, the participants perfectly received precise information about his arrival to me, his hibernation views and indeed, the name he is known by.

I felt to pose a wider question for them to seek information about Torte – “did he have any wider messages for humans, as a species?”

He offered wise and useful perspective, which I think we can all learn from.

Be bold and determined, whilst allowing vulnerability.

Explore every avenue.

Be brave.

Restoration and recovering our energy, is key.

Live life at your own pace.

Finishing, with a short rendition of the song “Que Sera, Sera.”

Milo, our feline visitor arrived, with lovely Maxine, and made himself quite comfortable, awaiting the questions from participants.

In my view, it is always interesting to have different species visit, as, I believe, we are all “soul sparks”, in different shaped envelopes, and it allows participants the opportunity to put aside pre-conceptions about any individual species and focus only, on this energetic soul connection.

Milo, as in previous workshops, is quite measured in the information he will share, but is always quite consistent. This slightly more challenging opportunity, provided participants with a different perspective about how freely/or not, animals are prepared to share and subsequently, good learning in how to share feedback to their guardian. An excellent experience.

The final visitors of the day, Digby and his guardian, Tracy.

Again, providing another, maybe unexpected, learning opportunity. My participants come from different backgrounds, but sometimes have animal behaviour expertise. In this case, post the visit from Digby, a valuable discussion about trying to suspend judgements and views about an animal’s body language, whilst actively listening to the communication, they were sharing.

A delicate, very sensitive soul, who expressed he was an “actual angel”, Digby was keen to display his caring, paternal perspectives, in considering others before himself. A gentle giant, loving his family as his “everything” and almost wishing he could be even closer to them. Almost “under their skin”. He is a very special dog and his guardian understands him well, the information shared, only helping in deepening, their bond.

It was an absolute privilege to work with all of our visitors and many congratulations to my participants for their considered, well managed feedback and the hard work, in connecting with so many animals.

I read a story at the start of day two. It is called “one at a time”. I know they would have made a difference to all that visited, one at a time.

I look forward to supporting, my participants, going forward, as they join the practice group and I will always be grateful for the opportunity of teaching these workshops and those I meet, in doing so.

“calming, open and comfortable”, “learning, in a calm and beautiful setting, with excellent teaching”, “ the workshop exceeded my expectations, I didn’t think 2 days would be sufficient to even start the process” ,” I really appreciate all the time and energy you put in to preparing the workshop, the time spent in the tranquility of your beautiful home this weekend and your generosity, understanding and empathy in many ways”.


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