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Animal Communication Workshop Review - May 2022

Brightwater Reiki Animal Communication Workshop

Another beautiful opportunity to spend the weekend with lovely souls, who participated in my Animal Communication workshop.

As I often express, it is not so much about teaching, but more about providing a safe and supportive environment for participants to practice things that they can already do, but which may be forgotten or laying latent, awaiting the opportunity.

As always, the learning is rich, through the experiences that individuals bring to the weekend and we all learn a great deal from each other, through open-hearted sharing.

Brightwater Reiki Animal Communication Workshop

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the two days pass and it does feel a bit of a “whistle stop” tour sometimes!

To continue the theme and use a bit of cliché, the weekend always feels a bit of “journey”, a story of wandering and wondering, a meander, here and there.

I often ponder how will get through bits and pieces, but just sort of trust the process on day 1.

I do feel it is not my role to define how folk prefer to work with the materials… “discoverings” are better than “tellings”….

I think the workbook is perhaps, more of a guidebook, highlighting places of interest where we may stop and look for a bit, but then, find another track or a path to follow.

We do, however, eventually arrive at our planned destination on day 1, with photographic practice with participants’ own animals.

Brightwater Reiki Animal Communication Workshop

The second day of the workshop is a little more structured as we await the various opportunities provided by the visiting guest animal teachers, and their guardians. The generosity of both, is always a special experience, from the information that the animals share, to the support and feedback offered by their guardians.

The sharing of words, images, sensations, “knowings”, symbols, metaphors and wisdom from our animal teachers is always insightful, empowering and sometimes, emotionally overwhelming.

Often, a tiring day energetically, we bring together the learning from day 1, with our intentions to make a difference, in whatever ways we can, as we leave the workshop, knowing we have shared important connections, that will certainly last beyond the weekend.

Brightwater Reiki Animal Communication Workshop

My heartfelt thanks to my participants and our visitors over the weekend.

Brightwater Reiki Animal Communication Workshop

Magnificent Milo and Maxine.

The beautiful soul Amanda, and Crown Prince Wiggy of the Wheel.

Fabulous Hazel and Hank, the happy Hound, with a sock fetish.

Inter-planetary, most extraordinary, duo of Leon and Herbie.

And making his workshop debut; Mr Tortoise.

Thank you all x

Brightwater Reiki Animal Communication Workshop
Brightwater Reiki Animal Communication Workshop

Participant feedback

“find your place of ‘nothing ‘ ”

“a really supportive feel and energy very welcoming and supportive”

“really well facilitated”

“really good to have the opportunity to do so much practice”

“appreciated the depth we looked at with Ethics”

“trust and self-belief”

“it was really enjoyable being with like-minded people”

“the enthusiasm shown by everyone was really special”

“thank you Sam for such an enjoyable couple of days”

“the venue was amazing, I have never been to a workshop in such a magical place”

Sam’s enthusiasm for animal communication is extremely contagious”

“Sam takes great care in collating wonderfully supportive individuals to form a beautiful learning environment”

“the content was thoughtful and thought provoking with thoughtless practice”

“practice the different Clairs”

“I felt a wonderful connection over the two days and have learnt a lot about myself.”

“Sam has a wonderful teaching method”

“I feel so privileged to have just spent the last two days on Sam's animal communication course. It is clear to see how passionate Sam is about animals and she shares her knowledge in a very relaxed and friendly manner. She immediately puts you at ease and any worries you have about 'not being able to do it' will quickly fade. It is a lovely course to take part in as no previous knowledge is needed, just a passion and love for animals so you know in advance you will be around like minded people . You can spend time in the beautiful, tranquil garden during the breaks where there are little areas you can sit and reflect on what you have learnt. Sam holds such brilliant qualities for teaching which include compassion and humour whilst sharing her wealth of experience and it is clear to see a great deal of time and effort has gone into making this course so enjoyable.. This has been a truly amazing experience and I didn't want it to end !”

“ making new friends”

“developed a strong sense of yes/no knowing”

“ a renewed energetic sense of magic – difficult to describe”

“you’re awesome. I love you and I love what you do “


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