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I was contacted by a lady in Spain to help with a Cat. She was keen for me to communicate with Josephine, to explain to her that the lady wished to take her to her home, as the managers of the complex where the stray cats were living were unhappy about the cats being there, and were requesting the cats be re-located.

Through email initially, I explained that whilst I could do that, Josephine (as with any animal) has free will and may not wish to take up the offer of a new home. We had discussion on the matter and I offered practical suggestions as an alternative.

The guardian understood this well, but in feeling she would be doing the right thing, managed to trap Josephine and take her to her home.

This was done, with loving intention.

Josephine escaped the apartment and, what had initially begun as a simple communication request, quickly turned into a “lost animal” scenario. Indeed, the guardian felt that Josephine, had perhaps died.

Dealing with a “lost animal” situation can be very challenging. (This is why many communicators do not undertake this work, and, I do not, very often, though I imagine there are some that perhaps specialise in it.)

The obvious reason being client emotions are running high and you need to be able to try to calm these, as much as possible, whilst continuing with a communication connection.

You also need to be able to sense very quickly whether an animal has “passed” or remains in their body (alive) and to be able to confidently convey this information to their guardian.

In this situation, through initial connection, I was confident that Josephine was still alive, and I shared that, with her guardian.

The further challenge with lost animals is that (if able) they move around to different locations and whilst they will share images/sensations and information with you, this can quickly change over time and there is always the difficulty in persuading a guardian not to spend their days in a heightened anxiety state following every possible lead. That is easy to say and so very hard, for a person seeking to find their lost animal.

I spoke to Josephine’s guardian at this point and offered suggestions about what to do.

Josephine had shared an image with me of a “square block” with toilets, nearby a storage area and what appeared to be metal waste bins. She went on to share an image of pink shrubby plants, around 4ft high (though I doubted they would be in flower in November) and a two-tiered water feature with circular fountains.

Her guardian responded :

“I am going in a few minutes to see the place she described to you.

The water circles you mentioned would be a small waterfall close to the storage boxes and the waste bins.

I will be calm and tranquil.

I took some pictures of the description Josephine told. And when you see the photos you will realise that her description was right and you capture perfectly, all of them. - Square block with storages, the fountain with water circles and bouganvilles - the only blossom flowers we currently have - are very close to our apartment.

The waste bins are behind the storages.”

A couple of days later I received the best news from her guardian:

“ Hello Sam,

I hope you are well.

Josephine came back and she is fine and really loving with me.

Thank you so much Sam ! I do not have words to tell you how happy I felt because of your help”

Her guardian has now kindly written this lovely testimonial:

‘ I was desperate because Josephine one of the 4 abandoned cats I look after them during the past 7 years disappeared. I love them as they were my cats. However, it was impossible to adopt them because we have 6 cats at home.

I had the good fortune to contact Sam. She is so lovely and very warm and an extraordinarily animal Communicator.

Sam got in touch with Josephine and sent me what Josephine had said to her. It was impressive because everything Sam told me proved Josephine is hiding in the garden of our resort which it is very big.

As Sam told me, I went on with my daily meditations trying to be with her. However, I did not feel anything until the Sunday morning.

I woke up and started with my meditation trying to visualise her. I did not see her but I felt like an energy coming from her.

It’s very difficult to put this sensation in words. It was like she was with me through our mutual energies or vibrations.

As usual I went to feed the other kitties and suddenly Josephine appeared from the bushes she used to be.

When I saw her, I thought it was a dream. She came to me as she did it every day. Following Sam’s suggestions, I spoke to her very slowly but I did not move.

Then she approached to me looking for cuddles on her head. While I was making cuddles she ate and at the same time she was purring.

I cried of happiness.

No words are enough to express our gratitude to Sam. Thank you so much!! “

Mary & George, and Josephine, Marbella

As a post script, Mary has been speaking with the owners of the complex where Josephine resides, and they are happy for her to remain there.

I am grateful that Mary’s English was far superior to my Spanish! A Happy ending and I wish that all “lost animal” situations would be the same. X


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