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Remember me with the sun on my face

Here is a picture of a dear Cat, called Missy.

Earlier this year, I was contacted by her guardian, to ask if I could communicate with Missy about the planned family move to Portugal.

Missy, whilst a considerable age, had been checked by the Vet, and considered well. Her guardian wished to try to find out about Missy’s views on the move and how she could be supported.

As sometimes happens, in any communication, things are revealed and shared, that may not be anticipated.

I share this full experience, with permission to use all of the transcript and correspondence, in the hope that, what was a profound experience for me, may go some way in helping others fully appreciate that our animal companions have free will and use their innate wisdom, as they see fit.

It may not always be, as we wish.

It is the understanding of this, that I do hope to share, with Missy’s help.

The two sessions were unusually very short – the reason for that perhaps, will become evident. I share in full here.

For clarity, in any communication write up, I often include links to things, that may be insightful for guardian and animal companion. I also include my “preamble” that would usually accompany the write up to a client. It may explain a little of the communication process.

Here my preamble: (hopefully to help folk understand what may be shared, in the way it presents)

“I have had some time available over the last couple of days and it felt the right time to begin with X, actually, I did this over a couple of days and have put the date and times below.

It can sometimes be surprising what they share and so just take things gently/reflectively.

In any animal communication, I will always share those things that arise in the order that they do. I always share precisely as was given to me, as best as I can and so sometimes it can appear a little blunt/challenging/emotionally difficult, as well as a little random!

The information that I receive, may be in the form of images, words, sentences, songs, smell or sometimes plants or physical sensations or emotional feelings. As far as trees/plants/herbs etc are concerned, I am never advocating the taking of these/applying them/or using as a diffuser/burning etc. It may simply be what they may represent, on a physical/mental/emotional/spiritual basis.

In the case of physical sensations, I share these as I experience them, but emphasise that, should you have any concerns, your first point of call should always be a Vet.

I never make a physical/medical diagnosis, just simply share where and how, I experienced the sensation.

I will also share anything that simply feels a "knowing" - I hope that makes sense.

Also, sometimes, things are metaphors in the way they present, and I try very hard not to interpret these. That is always for you to do as companion/guardian/care giver, as you know your animals better than I, though sometimes through information shared, I may pose some questions to consider and whilst I do try not to, a little tiny bit of interpretation might sneak in.......

Sometimes, animals may share difficult things.

Whilst their experiences can shape their perspectives on the world and sometimes behaviour, they do not seem to dwell on these in the same way that we as humans may. In my view, they (and us) remain perfect inside, in spite of our life experiences and it is more a case of listening, holding space and allowing emotions/feelings etc to be revealed and heard.

Where I feel relevant, after a communication, I do go and do a little research to see if I can add some further information to those things that arose. I might search song lyrics for example.

I include links at the end of this e-mail in that respect. I personally, learn quite a lot in that process and discover things I never knew. And I thank X, for that, also.

You can click on the links at the end to listen to any songs or read more information etc.

I would always ask that you reflect on the information shared, and whilst it may appear random in some instances, please take some time for it to "percolate". If it does not resonate, that is absolutely fine. If it does not fit, please do not try to force it to.

I just share, as I received, in my connection with X.

Normally, I suggest you reflect for a few days, and then we shall speak on the phone, to discuss a little more in depth, to see if we can, together, understand a little more, and what may be done to offer support, if any were needed.

In my experience, it is very important that you share the content of this e-mail with your animal companion. Please explain that I have relayed the information to you. That always seems most important, so that they are aware they have been heard and that you will act upon what has been shared. Please confirm that this will be done. Sometimes, as daft as it may seem, you might want to play any music that appears in the links too!

Anyway, that is the preamble, so I shall now begin, using "" for the words of X.

So, upon the following date, I began a communication with Missy.

Missy 12.30pm 17/3/2022

Session 1

““Aunty May”

“the place of the Geraniums” – link at the end

“what is the price of love?”

“and, we come to a place of trust and truth between us, you cannot take all of your baggage with you”

“climb upwards, ever upwards”

Here, my heart felt very racy and agitated almost – if I am honest, I had to try hard to discern whether it was Missy’s or mine or yours, L. It may well have been all.

“Ah for the summers days, Lavender” – link at the end

“I will leave for her” – addressed to you, L.

“and, the love that I have for the life I have had is yours and yours and yours” – a poem it would seem – link at the end

“I am at the pinnacle” – image literally a mountain top.

“we can collaborate, you see”

“the time of the water slide” – felt like a memory, children sliding into water, playing and laughing. A very joyful memory, it felt. There was a knowing I had here L, that she felt it was a time when you were last properly happy.

“everything is perfect”

“I do not like the clanging” – sound of banging metal, a bit like scaffolding.

“Ain’t misbehavin” – a very old song – link at the end

“remember, the sun shining on my face” – as a post script here, it was a very fine sunny day in early Spring.

“Sunshine on a rainy day” – link at the end, with lyrics

“all parts of the equation, need to balance””

There, we stopped with that first session. A post script here, I felt particularly emotional (sometimes I do in this work – I am very aware of what emotion belongs to the animal and what is mine – this was mine, rather unusually so.

We recommenced the following day.

12.35pm 18/3/2022

“let’s just stay for now”

“everyday is fine”

“hold on to your heart” – this was odd as I felt a song, but when I typed into google a song came up that does not have the lyrics at all it would seem. Link at the end – It is called Up. Post script even now, I hear those lyrics, but still cannot find the song I thought they may belong to. I absolutely believe that Missy intended the song to be called Up – I believe a modern song by Olly Mars.

“Endless dream” – it would seem a very unusual song – link at the end.

Again, same sensation as yesterday, and a little agitation, with fluttery heart.

Then she said “stop” – I took that as instruction to step back.

Links below:


Note: this post will cover the properties of both the common cranesbill geraniums, and the African Pelargoniums, which are often misnamed as Geraniums.

Magical Properties:

- Most Geraniums are renown for their properties of love, acceptance, and bringing balance. They can be used to help open the heart to love and acceptance, and to help release anxiety, anger, and combat depression. They can also be used to encourage fertility, safe pregnancy and childbirth, and can be planted to bring good health.

- Cranesbill Geraniums can be used to combat love magic. It can also be carried to attract happiness, prosperity, and positivity.

- Pelargoniums can be used to open chakras, to restore balance between opposing energies within oneself, and to help one move past indecision and anxiety.

- They can also be used to aid in dream work and astral travel.



Lavender has been used for centuries in healing, love spells and purification, and is known spiritually to be restoring and calming. Magical properties of Lavender bring about happiness, love, protection, peace and purification and it is considered an Angelic herb. Lavender has been known to lift depression and sadness from the spirit and brings the vibration of comfort and companionship. Indecisiveness and conflict are washed away. – sunshine on a rainy day


I see you in the darkness

I see you in light

I see your light shining in through the night

Make me feel make me feel

Like I belong

Don't leave me don't leave me here

All I alone

Cause' your eyes like summer skies,

Blue words in the ocean clear as in the sky!

Sunshine on a rainy day

Makes my soul, makes my soul

Trip trip trip away

Sunshine on a rainy day

Makes my soul, makes my soul

Trip trip trip away

Sunshine on a rainy day

Makes my soul, makes my soul

Trip trip trip away

Sunshine on a rainy day

Makes my soul, makes my soul

Trip trip trip away

You touch me with your spirit

You touch me with your heart

You touch me in the darkness,

A feeling starts

Make you feel make you feel so unreal (so unreal)

Like a wind in the desert

Like a moon on the street

Sunshine on a rainy day

Makes my soul, makes my soul

Trip trip trip away

Sunshine on a rainy day

Makes my soul, makes my soul

Trip trip trip away

Sunshine on a rainy day

Makes my soul, makes my soul

Trip trip trip away

Sunshine on a rainy day

Makes my soul, makes my soul

Trip trip trip away

Sunshine on a rainy day makes my soul makes my soul trip trip trip away

Sunshine on a rainy day makes my soul makes my soul trip trip trip away

Sunshine on a rainy day makes my soul makes my soul trip trip trip away

Sunshine on a rainy day makes my soul makes my soul trip trip trip away – hold on to your heart !! Does not make sense –

Here is the Up song

"Endless Dream"

Hold your head up high you know you've

Come a long way, a long way

Tainted as a fugitive with nothing left to say

Temptation may come hope your vision doesn't stray

In the name of God you may be forced away

Moving forward to the only place you know

Side tracked by some indiscretion

Changing as you go

Temptation may come hope your

Conscience doesn't hide

The longest trip you'll take is inside

It's the last time telling myself everything

Call me over then bring me back again

It's the last chance telling myself

That I believe

Your forever is mine and all I need

Now life tell me now in your arms

All I really need is you by my side

I sing this to you all the world and all it is

I bring this to you this gift of love

And the world turns and the world turns

Time tells all we know we look to it

Jesus on the radio

Pledge me what you got I'll give you

Eternal resting spot

How intense I pray depends on how much you pay

It's the last time getting it this life

First calling in a silent spring

It's the first time getting it this life

First calling in a silent spring

Fear strikes deeper than visionary

Screams and tears never justify this love

Talk talk listening

Like the first words ever to reach out

Talk talk

Like the first sounds in a silent spring

Talk talk listening

Like the first words ever to reach out to you

Talk talk

Like the first sound you start to sing

So take your time

Look round and see

The most in time is where you're meant to be

For they talk too loud

And take the hope and peace from your heart

We call this surrender

Slowly towards the north

And this endless dream giving ourselves everything

We're deserving we're gonna bring it back again

It's the last time telling myself everything

It's the last time bring me back bring me back again

When the world brings you down

You can search you inside

For the love you will find (bring me back home)

When the world brings you down

You can search you inside

When the world brings you down

I've waited so long

When the world brings you down

You gotta play this living game

When the world brings you down

So take your time

Look round and see

The most in time is where you're meant to be

For you are light

Inside your dreams

For you will find that it's something

That touches me

So, finishing, our second session very abruptly and just having a knowing that there was a very significant shift in the energy, mine and Missy’s, I could not just send my e-mail as I would do normally. I wanted to drive to wherever they lived to deliver it and sit whilst their guardian read it. It seemed extremely important.

I would not normally do this, but called my client with the intention of asking if I could drive to their home, to deliver the write-up by hand.

They did not answer, but in a short while called me back. That afternoon, a couple of hours prior, Missy had passed.

I knew she had, and had shared the possibility in these sessions. That is a hard sentence to write.

I cried on the phone with my client, quite unprofessional actually – we cried together. The only time that has ever happened.

The e-mail with all of the information was sent through, with their permission.


“Thank you very much for the words from Missy. Much of it resonated and some brought much comfort. We have had a tough few days, but know that Missy is in a good place and she is around us. Miss those cuddles though.

The neighbours behind us have been renovating their house for the last 10 months and I did not realise how it was upsetting Missy. Thank you for the work you do and bringing through the messages from our dear beloved pets.

Please let me know the payment details so that I can transfer that over to you.”

“Thank you, L, for writing.

Yes, I am sure she will make herself known and walk beside you at times.

Love to you all - there is no payment required in these circumstances. Pass it on somewhere L.

If it were acceptable, I may write a piece about Missy, at some point, the experience had a profound affect upon me and I will always be grateful to her for that. Anything I may draft, as I say, in time, I would always ask you review and approve. I think she would teach a great deal about our companions free will and how they decide when is right for them to move on to other work.

With so much love to you all.

Sam x”

“Hello Samantha,

So lovely to hear from you and I hope you are doing well.

Yes of course share, as I am sure it will help others too.

We miss Missy and George, every day, and often find ourselves talking to them as if they are with us all the time. Missy's passing really affected us as we were not expecting it so quickly. She was definitely the heart of our family and we felt the loss of her physical being so deeply but yet also so immensely grateful to have had 18 years with her and will never forget her, and our beautiful ginger boy George!

Thank you for all your support and guidance for us all.

Best wishes,

L xx”

This, maybe, somewhat long, but it was a short, but profound sharing from a Cat, that, in all of the work I have done, and shall do, I shall never forget.

She chose, in my view to leave at the point she chose. Indeed, my client shared, that she had been laying, sunbathing on that early Spring, day, with the sun on her face.

Thankyou x


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