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Sam is simply a superstar. My dogs mean the world to me, and I was so worried about my Roxy, not knowing what was wrong but realising she needed help. She seemed so depressed, was drooling from her nose, her tail tucked in and all was not well with her mammary region.


I booked her in with my vet, in the meantime Sam was able to communicate with Roxy and tell me how she was feeling, what I could do to help her emotionally, and where she felt Roxy was uncomfortable physically. She also told me the chamomile in her biscuit was potentially creating a reaction. I was able to take this information to my vet, and he came up with a plan for her, which included hormone replacement therapy and I cut out the chamomile biscuit. The change in Roxy has been quite remarkable, she plays with the other dogs, her tail is wagging again, her nose has stopped drooling.


I am so glad I have such a fantastic vet who listened to me and to Sam, I will never be able to repay Sam for her compassionate and caring service to my Roxy. 

G Hampton, Surrey

I had noticed that my cat Topaz didn't seem to be his normal chirpy self and had spent most of summer lying around and not going far at all.  

I came across Sam's Website on Facebook about Animal Communication and was very intrigued and wondered if she could help Topaz. She was able to connect with his energy remotely just by his picture and was able to describe a long term relationship where my cat had being friends with another cat, and described how this other cat got lost one time, the number of years they knew each other, and the fact that he moved away and the hearing of news of his death. Using imagery Sam was able to describe the changes around the area and how Topaz felt about that, the wind chimes in the garden, and some items in my family home. She was also able to describe an instrument my father played and a small part of my pet's personality described as "in and out, in and out" which Topaz does frequently.

Since Topaz has received Reiki he has being much brighter and much improved. Although I suspected my cat was grieving, Topaz was able to confirm and that he was glad I was asking. Sam was also able to describe the inter-dual relatedness of Topaz and my experience as I also lost an animal companion and friend a few years ago.

I would highly recommend Sam and I have valued her honesty and integrity as this was done just using a photo of Topaz showing his face and eyes. I only spoke to Sam by telephone after the reading and can genuinely say no other contact had being made before then.

Jean & Topaz

Sam has kindly helped my Cat twice now. I wasn't sure at the start how it all worked but Sam made a connection with Red and was able to then let me know how to help Red feel more settled. Sam has an amazing gift and had relayed things back from Red that she couldn't have possibly known about previously. I can't thank Sam enough for her advice. She truly loves animals and they certainly respond to her.

Lucy & Red, Surrey

In looking for someone to communicate remotely with one of my cats who has been diagnosed with some health conditions, Sam and Brightwater Reiki was recommended to me through a mutual friend. Sam was very quick to respond to me and very kind and generous with her time. She explained in great detail the content of the communication with my cat and has of been of great help at an emotionally challenging time. This has deepened my own understanding of my cat and her needs and has helped me understand how to move forward for her best interests. Sam's love, dedication to and understanding of animals is clear to see. I would definitely recommend!

EJ, Kent

Our cat Minka went missing. We were quite worried as it was very unlike her so a colleague of mine recommended Sam.  She was very warm, kind and helpful. She tuned into Minka's energy and was able to communicate with her. Sam told us she felt Minka was OK and that it felt like she got a fright and was stuck somewhere.

“Could I ask whether there is a circle of grass or roundabout type thing nearby? I was shown that. She has a slight tummy ache it seems (maybe hungry?) and felt like she was chased“, revealed Sam.

My neighbour’s house has a roundabout right in front of it and there's grass around it! As it turned out, my neighbours were on holiday and their mum went to water their garden. Minka must have been in their garden and gotten a fright because of the water hose and so she ran into their house. The neighbours got quite a surprise when they returned a few days later.  Minka was upset, hungry and thirsty but otherwise fine.

I can't thank Sam enough for giving us hope and comfort. I would highly recommend her as she's kind and clearly has a gift.

SC, Surrey

I was introduced to Sam when I was absolutely desperate, not for me but for my dog.  Of course I’d heard of her and her incredible gift, but it wasn’t until I needed (and got) her help that I realised how truly life-changing her gift is. 


At the beginning of this year we lost our cherished Kozak,faithful companion to my husband and I, the whole world to our, at the time, 16-month old puppy, Phoenix.  Phoenix had known Kozak since he arrived home at 7 weeks, Kozak was his father, his friend, his mentor, his cuddle-buddy, his security.  His loss was devastating.  He became depressed, he became physically ill, he lost his hair, he lost weight.  And although he responded to our overtures he couldn’t get past his loneliness and grief.  Losing my father-in-law, whom Phoenix loved dearly, one month later was another severe blow.  We were all of us heart-broken.  We didn’t know what to do, how to help him.


And then I was put in contact with Sam.  That first communication she had with Phoenix was mind-blowing.  I knew some people did have this gift of communication and healing, I could never, in my wildest dreams, have imagined how powerful and accurate it could be.  From getting my father-in-law’s name, to happy memories of swimming together, to feelings of guilt, abandonment and trying to reassure himself, and much much more.  Things which made sense to us but would never have been known outside our intimate family.  Knowing what was on his mind, in his heart, was the key to being able to help him (and us!) start to heal.  My specific question was should we be distracting Phoenix from his grief or let him live through it, especially in those moments that we could see he was sad.  Sam’s advice was invaluable, we followed it and it made a huge difference.  It was as if Phoenix and Sam had had a long conversation, a therapy session where Phoenix told her everything.  And she was able to tell us.  More than that, she was able to send healing energy.  I only heard from Sam after she had done so, but I noticed the change before she told me.


I will never be able to thank Sam enough for guiding us, for helping us all to heal, and especially for being willing to share her gift with us.  Her understanding and compassion coupled with her amazing gift are truly priceless.  She helped us to help Phoenix.  More than that, she helped us, too.  Seeing Phoenix, normally a happy-go-lucky and confident dog, brought so low was incredibly difficult for us, and not knowing how to help him was torture.  Seeing him come back to life, seeing him happy again and enjoying life the way that he deserves to, has changed our lives.  And knowing that what we do and say and feel has such an impact on him has made us more aware of what he needs from us.


Today Phoenix is happy and healthy and enjoying life.  I don’t think we would have gotten to this point without Sam’s help.  She has given us the gifts of happiness, peace and health, and there are no words of thanks that will ever be enough to express our gratitude to Sam.

FL, Belgium

Sam is an exceptionally gifted animal communicator, who we had the good fortune to contact last year. 


I was initially sceptical but also desperate as Roxy had come out of intensive care, was very ill and unhappy and I didn`t know how to help her.  I sent Sam a picture of Roxy with no expectations.  I was astonished when Sam picked up on things no one else knew.  For example Roxy`s possum like toy which I had put in a cupboard and forgotten about, which she wanted in her basket.  And she was able to tell me where Roxy was hurting, quite specifically. 


On one occasion she told me she felt a tingling painful sensation in her right rear foot, Sam didn`t know Roxy was limping.  So I examined her paw and there was a huge black thorn embedded in her pad which I pulled out. 


Everything Sam told me proved incredibly insightful both about her physical wellbeing and what Roxy wanted so I was able to make Roxy`s illness more bearable, I don`t know what we would have done without her, and she is now Roxy`s honorary guardian. 


Roxy is currently in remission and a very much happier dog.  Throughout Sam has been incredibly caring and professional.  Not just an exceptionally gifted animal communicator but an exceptional person as well.

Giselle and Roxy

Sam came to our house to give our very poorly cat some Reiki treatment. From the word go we could tell Pebbles was completely relaxed and savouring every minute of the treatment. The contented expression on her face said it all and she just lay on the floor with Sam, eyes closed and as if she was smiling! She was so relaxed afterwards and slept for the rest of the afternoon.    I would recommend this lovely caring lady who has such love for animals.


Sam has a very cathartic approach with her healing, she is  adept at getting to the root of blockages and my experience was extremely therapeutic and I felt serene after and a strong sense of relief. Sam has a naturally calming effect on people and I highly recommend her as a healer.

LU, Headley

Samantha  made me feel very at home during my Reiki experience.  I walked in to a very chilled-out atmosphere with pleasant aromas, soft lighting & calming music.The Reiki table was comfortable & I sank into it to the extent that I even fell asleep towards the end of the session!  Afterwards I felt refreshed & renewed with lots of positive energy.This feeling did not disappear straight afterwards, as I thought it would, but continued right through the following few days.  I can highly recommend Sam's positive touch during her Reiki sessions for anyone who is going through ill health, a stressful lifestyle or simply wishes to feel calmer​.

LH, Haslemere

Anyway still feeling good.  Still feeling good, and energetic.  Having no expectations of what to expect, I feel lighter, and more grounded.  Does that sound odd?  Also lighter.  Felt relaxed throughout, and very reassured in your very capable hands.  Thank you Sam.  When can I come again? 


I have had three sessions with Sam now and every time i go the benefits become more apparent.  I am in training for a marathon and since Sam has been treating me my energy and performance has improved, this is an unexpected but welcome bonus for me.  After treatment i leave feeling calm relaxed and ready to go again i'm hooked!


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