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Animal Communication - It's a partnership

Samantha Munro - Brightwater Reiki

I have recently received this lovely testimonial which is extremely timely and I wanted to say a little about it.

The reason it is timely is because I was at an Animal Workshop at the weekend. It was very much about ethical practice and how we try to work with those experts that are best equipped to support the animals we care for. It also features significantly on my Animal Communication Workshops.

As an Animal Communicator and indeed, Reiki Practitioner it is never my job, to diagnose or offer medical advice. This is an absolute and we should always ensure that in the case of animal work, a Vet is part of the process. However, as the case below demonstrates, I will always share those things that arise during a communication session, sometimes in terms of a physical sensation. I am lucky enough to know Roxy very well having communicated with her over a long period and I am very fond of her. I also know her Guardian well and equally fond of her. I also know Roxy’s Vet.

Here we have an ideal scenario; An animal who is happy to share information, in all its’ forms, an animal Guardian who is open to all possibilities, with whom I can work to help interpret the information and who is confident enough to share with a receptive Vet, who brings, the sometimes needed, medical interventions. This “ideal” is what we should be striving for in Making a Difference for the animal we care for. It is a partnership, with all parties having their role to play.

You can read the review on my Testimonials page.

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