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Animal Communication Workshop Review - September 2019

I love sharing feedback, learning and experiences of these workshops and I am always happy to discuss with folk, any aspect of Animal Communication. For the penultimate animal communication Workshop of 2019, a small, but wonderful group of people.

I would never teach more than 10 people at a time, as, I believe, I would not be able to offer the support and individual attention required, at what can be quite an emotionally confronting workshop.

The wonderful four participants of this workshop, shared, that they found this group to be the perfect size for them.

It presented greater practice opportunities, time for more in depth discussions and most importantly the chance for all of their feedback to be heard, in great detail, by the guardians of our visiting guest animal teachers, as well as with each other, in practice with their own animal photographs.

At the start of the workshop, I discuss the need to recognise the part that ethics play in Animal Communication. It is so important.

In my opinion, our “contract” is with the animals that we connect to and communicate with. If, an animal, shares information in my workshops, based on mutual trust between animal and communicator, it is so important that this is shared fully (when agreed by the animal) to the animal’s guardian.

The animal needs to be heard. There is no point connecting with any animal to communicate, receiving information and not being afforded the opportunity to share this to an animal’s guardian.

In this way the guardian has opportunity to feedback to the individual student and to clarify any points. This is how the students receive valid feedback about how they are developing and build in confidence and trust in their abilities.

However, most importantly, the guardian is able to understand and support their animal going forward. The resultant “healing”, for all parties, in my opinion, is the bedrock, purpose and wonder of Animal Communication. Smaller groups enable this.

Equally, I encourage my students to share all that they receive and ask guardians to develop questions to be asked of their animals that are a mixture of open questions and things that are verifiable.

I would not normally share specific information about questions and responses in these reviews, but with permission given, I will provide some examples ( from so many) here:

A lovely guest teacher, in the form of Milo, accompanied, by his Guardian, Maxine.

Among many questions for Milo, was “What would I like more of ?” Now, of course the workshop participants are unaware of any information relating to the visiting animals and this would appear to be a very simple question.

A good deal was shared to the guardian here, but among it, some very important and healing information. “ I would like to go outside now, I would like to be outside more” – unbeknownst to the participants Milo has been unable to go outside for quite a few months due to a (now recently resolved) medical condition and it had been concerning his guardian. More importantly, Milo was rescued from difficult circumstances (again unknown by workshop participants) and it was believed by his guardian, at that point due to his health issues, he may never have had the opportunity to be an outdoor cat and she felt terribly sad about this, having questioned her decision to rescue him.

He shared with one of the workshop participants, “my life is better than I could ever have expected, thank you and shared his gratitude and love for his guardian , ” – his guardian was slightly overwhelmed and relieved ! He is indeed now ready and able to venture outside.

Jack and Jan, his guardian, were next to join us. All participants did so well here, able to provide accurate, validated information about Jack’s favourite toy, his favourite sleeping place, breed and colour of his “bestie” dog , what was he frightened of – all with wonderful accuracy , given the specific nature of the questions.

We then moved on to a beautiful, thoughtfully developed, but slightly more emotional question from Jack’s guardian; “what I am most worried or concerned about in the future and what can be done to support me?”

The response received from Jack to the communicators in the room resulted in a few tears, but in such a positive way.

Jack’s guardian was able to validate his response and shared the background to this question. It was very moving indeed. Further, and for me the most wonderful moment of the whole weekend, was to see Jack, post sharing his response, become far calmer, hop onto his guardian’s lap and settle. He was awake and then did a very strange and sustained unusual movement with his face and mouth. We all watched in disbelief almost, as his guardian explained that this was his special way of showing when he was happy and relaxed. Now I see many “release responses” in animal healing and communication, but this was special and instantaneous. It was a privilege to be in the room. He was heard and it helped. Well done all!

Jan further shared, on her return home “Dear Sam, Jack and I had a lovely time. He’s sleeping peacefully in his bed, please thank the ladies for their input and insight”. I will add a little post script here – Jack also managed to find, in the teaching room, a pile of my passed cats’s fur. I never knew it was there. A beautiful present, for me.

Our final guest teacher for the weekend , Goliath, a Tegu, accompanied by his guardian, Leon. I spend a great deal of time explain that in animal communication, we are seeking to connect with the essence of an animal. The species is irrelevant and it is for this reasons that I do like to invite the more unusual. It is a useful experience for participants as they know very little of the habits and behaviour of these more unusual animals and learn a great deal about them but also prevents any pre-conceptions finding their way into information received in communicating.

Goliath shared a very forcefully put forward message in part of the session “ value me, I am a king, he showed a crown, I make a strong statement, I must be appreciated “ which was taken very seriously by his guardian.

However, a question, put to Goliath, “from my enclosure, what can I see in the conservatory?” I hope demonstrated to my students that they may always trust what they receive in response.

A participant shared that Goliath had showed her a horse. “was it a rocking horse or was it a horse? why would a horse be in a conservatory” she wondered.

Goliath’s guardian was able to confirm – yes, she was correct, a full sized horse skeleton, re-constructed in his conservatory.

Validation indeed! Love it, always trust what you receive.

A very special weekend and I extend my thanks and gratitude to all visiting teachers and their guardians, but also to my students. They were such a lovely supportive group, recognising that each have different strengths and that not everyone has the same experiences and that we all experience the world in a different way and we are to support each other. Thank you.

As always I share their feedback here and look forward to their ongoing practice.

Participant feedback :

  • “I take from the two days that there is no need to rush myself”

  • ”I will value my judgements”

  • ”Value others and their abilities”

  • “I really enjoyed the experience thank you”

  • ”My expectations were exceeded”

  • ”I have always struggled with self-belief and this course has brought things forward that has made me feel incredible”

  • “It has built on my desire to look into working with animals more directly”

  • “The comfort of knowing that my passed animal is around”

  • ”A magical weekend, just incredible”

  • ”Over and above any expectations I could have had”

  • “Structured learning, compassion and patience”

  • ” I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in communicating with animals, I have told everyone I can talk to animals”

  • ”Good small class size, came away with a great sense of achievement , trusting my instincts, they have free will, we should not impose on them, animals have feelings”

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