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Animal Communication Review - April 2024

The sun shone, for our amazing weekend. I can never really completely encapsulate the feeling of these weekends. This is my effort, in recognising the privacy and trust of those involved. Thank you.

As I always say to my participants when they arrive, (and, very on time they were for this workshop) I share their “butterflies in tummy” feeling, no matter how often I run these.

It is always a mixture of excitement and trepidation, feelings not so far apart.

Concerns, worries, fears even, shared freely from the outset, made for a very special environment where folk could express emotions and vulnerability.

It set the back drop for the two days, with incredible early group connections, fostering support, encouragement and love and respect for each other.

Everyone held space for each other.

To be honest, it made me quite emotional, to be a part of that.

We, as always were a small group, and, given that we spend a bit of time working in pairs on day one, and we were an odd number, I needed to be a participant, as well as facilitator (I use that term lightly, as, of course, we all facilitated learning for each other.)

I note this, as apart from enjoying that, I had the opportunity to work with two folk 1: 1 during course of the day.

One of these lovely people, had some concerns about her readiness/experience to participate. Absolutely not so, proud is the wrong word really, but I was so pleased, that despite her reservations in a practice telepathy exercise, she absolutely nailed it! It was really wonderful and I do hope she knows that. I just pop in an image of a Unicorn here, to emphasis a point.

I am, or like to think I am, a very organised person. As such, and given my previous “life” as a corporate Learning, Development and Change consultant, I always rely on my lesson plan/schedule for these workshops. You know the kind of thing, what we are going to cover/when/desired learning outcomes etc.

Well, to my delight and amazement, I kind of let this go and we travelled here and there, covering all kinds of other ground that was not planned.

I loved that and learnt a lot from that experience. Thank you, fellow participants.

We all sensed a change in wider collective energies. A change in “the field” if you will. No longer a difference (if there ever should have been) between ‘experienced’ folk and those ‘learning’. No-one to be considered in front, nor behind, exactly in the place, with the skills, wisdom and intention required in any given situation, at any given moment. We are levelling, if that makes sense.

We concluded Saturday, with photo practice, which was wonderful, and some people went home, with additional practice, because they wished and wanted to offer additional insights on the companion photos, participants had bought along.

There was such a generosity of care and support.

Sunday morning arrived and again, welcoming folk back, one bearing new biscuit/chocolate gifts (always love that ! ) with teas/coffee.

There was an excitement and of course, again trepidation. I want to say here how brave folk can be when they are unsure/fearful/emotionally unavailable (love that phrase) but continue on regardless, recognising and honouring emotions and asking for help.

It was a very special day and I thank my home/land, for providing us with a particular sense of calm, it felt an ‘oasis’ really, to allow the work. A respite, from outside distractions and energies. Tranquil and holding, is how I would best describe. This was amplified, by the kindness of all of those within the space.

I add additional acknowledgement, to the Listening tree, by including a picture.

Our first teacher Wiggy, expressing “I know the ropes now”, was so relaxed, a testament to the calm energy the group had created. Seemingly, a Soul who had been here before, with “Owl wisdom”, this was, in addition to his day- to-day habits/loves/dislikes that he freely shared. Superb work by participants as their first face to face practice with animal/Kahu *. It was so lovely and soft and sensitive.

Sprocket visited with his dear person. He was so relaxed. Again, there was something very special about the loving, calm energies in the room.

A deeply moving session, about which I shall share little, other than to say “I am OK, it is OK to just be OK” “there are no goodbyes” and “love is a two-way street”. His Guardian asked me to express her heart felt gratitude to the group, she was so touched and, in her words - ”today has made my year”.

We had the honour of meeting Herbie, which given his ancient/otherworldly energy, we sought his wider advice/perspectives (in addition to those questions posed by his Guardian) for humanity.

Here is what he shared “the world will be back as it was, we just need to open up more and be kinder, of course we all connected, but we must remember to care for the young, and that things come and go, love and respect for each other can change the world, as we walk side by side. We should stop and listen, there is power in the silence”

I should also note a song that he shared. Dancing in the Moonlight – nice lyrics.

As our weekend came to an end, as always sat and shared the experiences. I know bonds will have been formed and hopefully will continue.

The private ‘practice’ group that participants may join if they wish, was a subject of discussion. The scope was discussed and felt to be needed to widen, not just practice, but support, listening and sharing about Animal Communication, but also other aspects of a person’s spiritual/soul journey.

I have acted upon that and let’s see where we go.

We gave our gratitude to each other, and those visitors/teachers that we met and also any guides, inspirers/supporters that may have helped us.

We concluded that whilst we may have been a small group, and obviously, a single soul in this world, each and everything thing that we do can make a wider difference in the world, to all of those that we meet.

“whilst, we maybe small, we are mighty”

Thank you xx


“ the workshop was so much more than I expected, learnt so much and cannot wait to come back. I feel I am with people, I can be myself around and speak my truth. “

“love, peace, kindness”

“informative, offered practical experience, supportive and gave me confidence in doing it”

“ learning to trust what comes, encouragement in using all of my senses and belief in what I found as we all shared, so it was very validating”

“informative, fun, educational and a loving and supportive environment”

“well presented, and each aspect was dealt with in an order, I could take at my own pace”

“a sense of achievement, renewed confidence, realisation of potential ability”

“ I was completely open minded about what it may involve, perhaps even slightly sceptical, I have been pleasantly surprised by my own abilities”

“re-enforced my desire to communicate with and understand animals”

“ beautiful energy , loved the way we progressed the practice as a group, allowing validation and feedback”

“more cats could improve it ! lol

“seeing others grow”

“exceeded all expectation”

“a reminder to trust your inner knowing”

“a beautiful calmness, thank you for your love, care and knowledge. It has been magical”

“I will take away learnings about the ethics of animal communication, so it is safe, for all involved”

“I will take away seeing the group receive the messages and Kahus being made happier, because of this”

“wonderful people and environment, ‘icing on the cake’ to meet an Armadillo, but having the practical day meeting animals/guest teachers made this course for me”

“experiential on Sunday – deeply moving and educational”

* Kahu – one definition.

In Hawaiian culture, “Kahu” signifies a guardian, protector, steward, or someone entrusted with the care of something precious or cherished. It’s a term that reflects a deeper connection and responsibility towards the subject being cared for.


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