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Animal Communication "returners" day. 10th June 2023

I could write a great deal, but I shall not. Mainly in the interest of not providing too much detail for future “Returners”. The reason will become clear, during the one-day workshop.

“Returners”, please know how absolutely fabulous you were and what you achieved. It was amazing! I know, you know!

Thank you to Sarah Weller for her beautiful teachings, in building and embedding confidence, in the work and giving insight to tools and ways to do this, in all aspects, of an individuals’ path. x

Thank you to Jenny Holgate, for the gift of your time and your support and honesty with the group. It was very special. x

Thank you to our dear, and special teacher, without whom, this would not have been possible.

Much love to all XXX

"A picture is worth a thousand words".

What did this fabulous group have to say about their experiences?

“Exceeded in every way, thank you Sam !”

“Nothing could be improved”

“ I will build on the positive – don’t dwell on the other stuff”

“perfect group of attendees, content and outcome exceeded my expectations”

“ the day was empowering”

“both Sam and Sarah, amazing lovely hosts”

“fantastic day, exceeded my expectations”

“Taking these three things with me; inspiration, a huge boost in confidence, and joy”

“A massive thank you, wonderful content for the whole day, great structure, fabulous serene venue”


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